Tuesday, October 26, 2010


DIRECTOR: Tony Goldwyn. STARRING: Hilary Swank. Sam Rockwell. Minnie Driver. After having moderate success directing television the last four years, director Tony Goldwyn marks his return to film with Conviction. The film, based on a true story, focuses on Betty Ann Waters' (Hilary Swank) fight for her brother's innocence in a wrongful murder conviction. The film really falls short of "good" on many levels. The performances are all pretty lackluster, with the exception of Sam Rockwell. The story, which spans almost forty years, jumps so often it's difficult to determine how much time has passed between cuts. I couldn't help thinking that the story in the hands of a more accomplished director, would have connected better. Although not everything was terrible. As I mentioned before, Sam Rockwell gives us another solid performance. His innocent prisoner in waiting is provided the type of edge and humor that we all have all grown to love about him. There is no need to rush to theaters for this one, as a home rental should suffice quite well. RATING: * * (Two stars)


  1. i was a little bummed myself honestly. really wanted to like it more.